Soca Johnny

John David | United Kingdom | DOB: 30 Sep, 1978

Soca Johnny



Born in London, Soca Johnny (John David) migrated to Dominica at an early age. His village upbringing, subtle references to which can be heard in his music to this day, had a significant influence, as did Dominican bands WCK and First Serenade, and Jamaican dancehall artist Buju Banton.

As a youngster, Johnny displayed a passionate interest in music. He would spend hours every day playing along on the keyboard to live cds. At 11, he started learning the guitar, then the bass guitar; before long, he was invited to be the bass guitarist in a small band.

Moving back to the UK at the age of 17, Johnny joined Mangrove Steel Orchestra. Here he was dubbed 'Soca Johnny', and rose to become captain. Eventually, he took the first steps to becoming a recording artist, recording initially dancehall music in the studio - but his passion for bouyon/soca soon forced him to start writing and recording soca music. He won a Soca Music Award in 2008.

He has also written many 'vocal' tunes which can usually be heard during his live sets. Johnny is also establishing himself as a songwriter, having written songs for a range of artists.

Latest Tracks

Sweet Country
2017 | DM



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