Arthur Allain: Dat Beat single review

Arthur Allain: Dat Beat single review

By Martin Jay

Saint Lucia | Monday 20 June 2016: 14:14 BST

St Lucia’s Arthur Allain is a music teacher by day, but outside school he’s a thriving soca artist with two groovy soca monarch titles to his name already. His first release in 2016 is Dat Beat, a title that refers to the magic that overwhelms you, makes you feel that you have to move, when you hear ‘dat beat’.

EvaLucian, as Allain is sometimes known, has definitely found his niche as a groovy soca artist, and this song will be another piece of his ever-growing armoury of sweet tunes. I don’t know too much about Minor Beats production but I do like what I am hearing in this song. Afro-soca is a term that many an artist in the Caribbean is using nowadays, and Arthur considers this to be his Afro-soca tune of the season.

St Lucia’s carnival takes place in mid July, so this song has plenty of time to marinate in the minds of the revellers. It has a catchy hook that people will remember, and will find easy to sing whilst chipping down de road sipping on some Bounty Rum.


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