Barbados Soca Monarch semi-finalists announced

2015 Party Monarch, Peter Ram

Barbados Soca Monarch semi-finalists announced

By Soca News

Barbados | Monday 27 June 2016: 12:12 BST

Barbados’ National Cultural Foundation announced on 19 June the semi-finalists for this year’s Sweet Soca and Party Monarch competitions. The semi-final will be held this Friday 1 July at the Kensington Oval, Bridgetown.

The following competitors will battle to gain a place in the final and dethrone reigning Sweet Soca Monarch, Edwin Yearwood and Party Monarch, Peter Ram.

Sweet Soca semi-finalists

Adrian Clarke - How We Feting

Biggie Irie - Money Well Spent

Damian Marvay - Know The Face

Don Trent - New Day

Grynner - Turn Up De Speaker

Imani - Journey

Joaquin - This Place

King Bubba FM - Calling In Sick

Leadpipe and Saddis - Dreams

Mikey - CEO

Mistah Dale - Nuttin Sweeter

Nikita - Bun It Up

Peter Ram - Good Morning

Sanctuary - Bailar

TC - Wine A Carry On

Yannick Hooper - They Don’t Want Us To Fete

(The reserve is Coopa Dan, with Home.)

Party Monarch Semi Finalists

AC Squared - Soca Season

Blood - Get On Bad

Donnell - Wet Me Down

Edwin Yearwood - Bore Ah Hole

Faith Callender - I’ll Be There

Hypasounds - Bam Bam Back

Ian Webster - Wuk Up & Rum

King Bubba FM - One King

Lil Rick - I’s a Bajan

Mikey - Live Fuh This

Mistah Dale - Mek Tuh Fete

Rameses - Traffic Blocking

Leadpipe and Saddis - Make a Fete

Sanctuary – Smash

Sir Ruel - When We Get Away

T.C. - De People Place

(The reserve is Jimmy Dan, with If You Are A Bajan)


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