Carbon Copy Riddim - King Bubba and Dwaingerous

Carbon Copy Riddim - King Bubba and Dwaingerous

By Martin Jay

Barbados | Thursday 17 September 2015: 17:17 BST

The Platta recording studio is situated in Worthing on the south coast of Barbados and is owned by King Bubba, a young entrepreneur whose first love is music. The Carbon Copy riddim was produced by King Bubba in collaboration with Dwain Antrobus of Dwaingerous productions. The combination of these two producers is very powerful and the artiste line-up is a strong one too. The tracks are Skinny Fabulous (It’s the Weekend), Leadpipe and Saddis (The Last One - Blaze It Up), Lavaman (Don’t Test We), Sekon Sta (Put We Out), Lil Rick (All Is Rum) and King Bubba (Rum King - Ah Just Start). There are some big names on this riddim, which will help it do very well throughout the Caribbean.

Leadpipe and Saddis, aka Porgie and Murda, are two artistes that possess everything. They have got decent singing voices, they handle the ragga-soca riddims with ease and they are comedians, which creates a great package. Sekon Sta is another young name doing great work at the moment. Nesta Boxhill is his name and he is the son of the late, great Merchant. It’s clear that he has inherited his father’s songwriting ability.

Skinny, Lava and Lil Rick are all serious generals of party music, which makes the cast on this riddim very appealing and powerful. Take a listen you will not be disappointed.


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