Jamesy P: Siyahbonga music review

Jamesy P: Siyahbonga music review

By Martin Jay

Saint Vincent and The Grenadines | Tuesday 31 May 2016: 11:11 BST

Jamesy P, of St Vincent and The Grenadines, has started his 2016 carnival campaign with a song he composed himself, Siyahbonga. I first met Jamesy in 2000, when I went to experience Vincy Mas for the first time and was introduced to him by established calypsonians, Dalpin.

Jamesy P gained international recognition in the mid 2000s with his hit song Nookie, and to this day some people still refer to Jamesy as ‘the Nookie Man’. I’ve always admired his consistent level of contribution to Vincy Mas, with hit songs year after year, and also his willingness to try something different in his songwriting.

Siyahbonga is a praise song; the word comes from Africa, and when translated it means ‘I thank you’. I like how Jamesy has approached this song, and think that the more the people get to know the meaning of the song the more popular it will become. I am always in favour of soca songs that can avoid the jam and wine topic - or even a mention of rum.

There is no doubt that we will hear a lot more from Jamesy P this summer, as Vincy Mas gets nearer. As each day gets brighter and warmer (especially here in the UK) remember to sing the word Siyahbonga - and give thanks.

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