The outlook for Notting Hill Carnival 2017 has been pretty stormy (or should that be Stormzy?) lately, what with rows over event plans, police surveillance, the lack of ‘real’ mas and calls to move or cancel the event post-Grenfell. Fortunately, it looks like the weather will be less controversial – unless the forecasters have got it wrong.

Both Sunday and Monday promise a mix of sun and cloud, but crucially very little, or perhaps no, rain. Temperatures will be similarly unexceptional – around 15°C for Jouvert, rising to a modest 24° on Monday afternoon. Winds will be fairly light. So it’s a case of “keep calm and carry on wining”.

Many people have given up waiting for a lively British summer, though, and Gatwick Airport has reported that record numbers are fleeing to somewhere warmer. Caribbean destinations have attracted the biggest growth, with Jamaica recording an increase in tourist arrivals of 140%.

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