Sunshine & Nadiva - Double Trouble

Sunshine & Nadiva - Double Trouble

By Adanna Austin

Trinidad & Tobago | Tuesday 7 February 2017: 9:09 GMT

These artists’ drive, tenacity and passion for their music and artform is evident in the way they talk about the business of music and the vision for their life and profession. Samantha and Nadine Bryant, better known in the UK music scene as Sunshine and Nadiva, are making their mark and breaking with the norm.

The duo are dancers, singers and artists, and have had an explosive experience in the UK, winning most of the carnival and soca competitions. They have toured with Trinidadian artist Olatunji for the last two years, and performed as dancers for many other artists. The sisters have been performing for more than five years, and officially launched their dance group MLM (Muzik Lil Muzik) in 2013. They are passionate about their culture, influenced by their parents and grandparents who originate from St Vincent, St Lucia and Barbados, and grew up playing steel pan.

The sisters were always avid singers, and later incorporated their love of dance as an expression of their musical heritage. They are currently the 2016 UK Road March champions and ABC British Groovy Monarchs with their hit song, Unstoppable.

For 2017, we can expect to see this duo collaborate with more soca artists from St Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago, as well as some well-known UK artists. They plan to release their EP in October, during black history month, and are set to perform in St Lucia with the ultimate aim of hitting Trinidad Carnival hard in 2018. They are also preparing for their 2017 promotional tour, ‘The Untouchable Tour’.

The next step in their illustrious career is to enter international soca monarch and other competitions around the world, so that more people are exposed to their music and their talents. To discover more about this duo, go to, where you’ll also find information about the new clothing line which reflects the lifestyle the sisters promote: ‘Wear it, Live it, Be it’.


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