Terrah Dan: Living Life music review

Terrah Dan: Living Life music review

By Martin Jay

United Kingdom | Thursday 2 June 2016: 9:09 BST

Terrah Dan hails from the island of Barbados, and now resides in the UK. I would describe him as a young energetic feisty go-getter of an artist with lots to offer. He got his break in Barbados in the lead up to Cropover 2013, and has been moving forward ever since.

Dan is a true soldier of the Riddim Up Army, a collective of young UK artists who work very closely with UK producer Socachild, and represent his RIDDIM UP label. Living Life is his latest release, and as the title suggests it’s a positive outlook on how easy it is to enjoy the simple things in life; the message is simple, and one that many can relate to. The song is produced by DJ Shwayne, and is on The Galaxy Riddim.

Terrah Dan is a name that you should get used to. I think this young man is going to get better and better with every song he records, and as the description of him suggests he is a go-getter. I have seen him perform live, and his energy and feistiness bounce off people in a positive way.


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