Various Artists: The Socatology Riddim review

Various Artists: The Socatology Riddim review

By Martin Jay

Barbados | Thursday 26 May 2016: 8:08 BST

The Socatology Riddim surfaced in early March, and has all the elements required to make it a very popular riddim for the summer season. It’s produced by London Future, Bar 16 and Fadda Fox in collaboration with King Bubba FM (Platta Studio) - an incredibly formidable team of producers.

King Bubba the rum champion has a track on this riddim called Another One, where he invites you to pour him a drink - and another one, and another one. Leadpipe and Saddis say Make A Fete, and Skinny Fabulous and Fadda Fox are Going Mad.

Socatology is a big fete in Barbados, created by Fadda Fox and his promotion team, and I would assume that this riddim was released to coincide with the party, which took place in March, just weeks after Trinidad Carnival.

I think this riddim will do very well for a number of reasons, the first being the array of artists on it and the second being the sound itself. And the timing of the release won’t hurt, either. Just after Trinidad Carnival and before the summer kicks in is a great time to release fresh sounding music, and I think that this is just what these producers have done.

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