UKSM Q&A segment - 1st Class

UKSM Q&A segment - 1st Class

By Soca News

| Wednesday 17 August 2011: 6:06 BST

1st  Class is a new UK duo, two sisters who have a strong passion for music, and for expressing it through both singing and dancing. They have been singing from a very young age, when they were surrounded by various genres of music, including soca, reggae, lovers’ rock, dancehall, soul and r&b; both of their parents are from the Caribbean island of Grenada. Having a strong passion for music and many cultural musical influences, 1st Class have cultivated their own style.

What made you want to enter UKSM?
As 1st class have released their first soca track this year, we feel that we should make full use of the opportunity to be in the soca industry as much as possible - and the UK Soca Monarch competition is a great way to represent soca music as new upcoming artists within the UK.

How do you feel about the current state of soca in the UK/EU?
As it stands, the current state of soca in UK is very small scale; there are very few UK soca artists that are recognised around the world, in the soca music industry. There is not enough awareness of the uprising of soca music, and the promotion of various soca artists.

What do you think can be done to change the current state of soca in the UK/EU?
There should be more global performances for winners of UK soca competitions. There should be more soca events/ promotion for soca artists to take part in performances and shows, and to increase more recognition of soca music and soca/ Caribbean culture.

What can supporters and patrons expect from you on the night of the finals?
They can expect 1st Class to deliver an exceptional performance, show, vocal range and ability through song and performance. 1st Class will create a suspenseful atmosphere, bring an energetic and vibrant soca feel to the night, and will entertain the supporters and interact with the audience through song and lyrics of our groovy soca.

Who do you think is your biggest rival will be on the night of the finals?
The artists that are already known and have established themselves as artists in the soca industry, as they will be well known to the UK soca industry and the soca people, the listeners and supporters.



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