UKSM Q&A Segment - Lord Cachete

UKSM Q&A Segment - Lord Cachete

By Soca News

United Kingdom | Monday 15 August 2011: 18:18 BST

Known by his parents as Roy Oswaldo Lints, Lord Cachete hails from Aruba but currently resides in the Netherlands. He was discovered by Papito Rafael in 1981, who recognised his talent to entertain a crowd and entered him into the Carnivals Prins & Pancho comedy election. Later in the 80s, Cachete went on to become a coach for the younger generations of Prins & Pancho, producing 16 winners including himself for three years.

In 1986, Lord Cachete entered his first calypso contest, in which he won third place - the start of a successful singing and composing career; local newspapers announced that, “A new star is born”. Since then he has won various awards and accolades, and has performed across Europe as well as for the Prime Minister in his native Aruba.

Lord Cachete hopes to bring positive publicity for Aruba and be a role model for the future generation there. Next year he plans, with other Aruban artists, to organise a benefit concert to raise money and awareness for Aruba’s children.


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