UKSM Q&A Segment - Ms Desire

UKSM Q&A Segment - Ms Desire

By Soca News

United Kingdom | Wednesday 17 August 2011: 18:18 BST

This award-winning Bajan beauty was born in England (like the great Alison Hinds before her), but is no stranger to the beautiful island of Barbados; Caribbean blood runs through Ms Desire's body, as she was born to a Jamaican father and a Barbadian mother. She has been singing from the tender age of seven, performing mainly r&b and gospel, and over a short period of time Ms Desire has come into high demand.

What made you want to enter UKSM?
I've always known about and been to the Soca Monarch competitions abroad, so when I heard that the UK was hosting their own I thought it was only right that I take part.

How do you feel about the current state of soca in the UK/EU?
I honestly do believe that it could be better in terms of everyone supporting and respecting the artists. However ,I do believe that soca in the UK has come such a long way, and the artists are working a lot harder to make their music sound a lot more professional.

What do you think can be done to change the current state of soca in the UK/EU?
I think that promoters, DJs and artists could become a lot more open-minded. I do a lot of travelling all over the world and meet loads of different people, and I've learnt that to be able to master your own talent you have be very open-minded - not just latching onto a song / artist that is most popular, but being able to stand on your own two feet and voice your own opinions about what you actually believe is a well produced song, by a talented artist that should get a chance.

What can supporters and patrons expect from you on the night of the finals?
Everyone should expect a show from Ms Desire! I will put on a great show for my fans, one that will coincide with the lyrics of the songs and make visual sense. My team and I have been working very hard, so I believe that it will be great and that people will be able to appreciate the hard work put in.

Who do you think your biggest rival will be on the night of the finals?
I think every artist in the competition is my biggest rival, simply because I'm up against all of them. However, I'm not stressing too much on the competition side of things, I'm focusing more on putting on a fantastic show for the people and having a lot of fun on the night. I just want to take this opportunity to wish all the contestants good luck.



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