UKSM Q&A Segment - Muzik Lil Muzik

UKSM Q&A Segment - Muzik Lil Muzik

By Soca News

United Kingdom | Thursday 18 August 2011: 18:18 BST

2010 UK Soca Monarch third placeholders Muzik Lil Muzik, are two young, dynamic, and talented sisters who share a passion for music and collectively are defined by the elements of their culture. With future aims of exploding on the UK and international soca scene, their passion for music and their Caribbean heritage drive them to vocally express themselves through the melodies of soca.

What made you want to enter UKSM?
We decided to enter the UKSM because we are passionate about our culture and performing. UKSM provides a platform for us to share both of these passions, as we are given the opportunity to perform whilst being able to elevate our culture.

How do you feel about the current state of soca in the UK/EU?
We're very exciting about the current state of soca in the UK/EU, as there are many more artists coming up doing big things. Although progress is slow, UK soca music and artists are starting to get the recognition that they deserve.

What do you think can be done to change the current state?
In order to change the current state, artists need to continue making good music, and Caribbean-affiliated organisations and businesses could support and sponsor soca artists. In addition, DJs need to continue to promote and support UK soca artists so that their music is giving a platform to reach the masses.

What can supporters and patrons expect from you on the night of the finals?
Expect to be entertained, to experience vibes, energy, and also expect something creatively unique.

Who do you think your biggest rival will be on the night of the finals?



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