About Carnival

Carriacou is the largest sister isle of Grenada and its Carnival festival is one of the most authentic in the world. The easy charm of Carriacou mixes with its deep cultural traditions to create this unique event. Speaking of unique, you cannot speak about ‘Kayak Mas’ as it is affectionately called without mentioning Shakespeare Mas.

Found only in Carriacou, colourfully dressed masqueraders challenge each other with their best renditions of Shakespeare’s most noted lines. A fumble or forgetting of lines means you will fall to the playful tap of your opponent’s stick; truly a spectacle to watch. And Carriacou truly has it all, the Jab Jab covered in old oil, painted masqueraders, the bright lights of Monday Night Mas and the colour and splendour of Fancy Mas on Carnival Tuesday. In the mix is upbeat island music, spice-infused cuisine, safety and the warmth and friendliness of the people.