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St Maarten Carnival

Sun 01 May 2022

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St Maarten Carnival

About Carnival

The now two-plus-weeks of festivities that we are familiar with today started out as an initiative by the Oranje Committee to celebrate the various holidays of the island. The government wanted to create something similar to St. Thomas’ Carnival in order to bring in tourism and celebrate the island’s culture and history. They sent two committee members to go and check out just how St. Thomas does it, with the goal of recreating it in St. Maarten.

The first ever Carnival took place on November 11th, the 1970’s St. Maarten’s Day. Due to the lack of funds provided by the government and excitement about the new tradition, many local businesses donated to the festivities, including tickets, bands and troupes, food and drinks, and even free electricity.

St. Marteen Carnival is by far the island’s largest cultural event, going strong after these years. From colourful parades to spectacular pageants, exciting calypso, energetic bands, and highly anticipating concerts, St. Marteen’s Carnival has something for everyone.