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Sunday, January 26, 2020

Trinidad Carnival

Mon 24 - Tue 25 Feb 2020
Trinidad & Tobago
Trinidad Carnival

About Carnival

Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago is a spectacle of colour, creativity, enjoyment and theatre. The islands are currently in the throes of preparation for this annual event that attracts thousands of visitors, this year it will culminate on the first Monday and Tuesday in March. It starts with J’Ouvert morning, when the real takeover of the street begins. Revellers cover themselves with mud, paint and powder as they ‘chip’ in the cool, darkness of the early morning in their respective bands. It continues with Monday mas, and comes to a climax on Carnival Tuesday when masqueraders take to the streets adorned in bikinis, feathers, beads and various forms of costumery. Carnival has the ability to foster cohesiveness, its unifying revelry cutting across economic, ethnic and social divides.

Carnival News

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Sun 26 Jan Focus 2:00 AM O2 Park Country:Trinidad & Tobago

Sun 26 Jan Beaucoup Bacchanal Breakfast 4:00 AM Estate 101 Country:Trinidad & Tobago

Sun 26 Jan Straight Outta Belmont 4:00 PM The Government Campus Plaza Country:Trinidad & Tobago

Mas bands

Cat In Bag Productions

Trinidad & Tobago


Trinidad & Tobago

Entice Carnival

Trinidad & Tobago


Soca Switch


U4Ria 2018


Sun Block SLU 2018