UCOM (United Colours of Mas)

Founded 2007 | Band Leader Steve Clarke | Type Adult | Size Large

Telephone +44 7507 864 808


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UCOM (United Colours of Mas) has been the UK's Leading Premium cutting edge Carnival band since its inception in 2008, we have introduced so many trends which have helped raise the bar within the entire Carnival Community. UCOM has always believed the bringing Mas with meaning and telling a story with clearly applicable Costumes and large pieces, Our designers a strong team of 4 people are constantly working hard to innovate and produce the highest quality costumes and concepts to ensure our masqueraders always get the best of everything we provide. As we head into 2015 we are already working hard to streamline our whole band, only catering to a manageable 500 masqueraders, we will be noticeably improving all our services for 2015 including Food, Music, DJs, security and even the smaller details like the packaging. Another new addition in 2015 is all our costumes will be a 2-day experience inclusive of Costume and our Sunday Jouvert experience.