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A Reunited: Cape Town Carnival 2022


After being forced by the novel Covid-19 virus to close its doors to the world for two consecutive years, Cape Town’s carnival is back with reignited energy. The carnival, which spotlights the creativity, culture and bond shared by the people of Cape Town, will present five separate experiences to embrace the diversity revellers have come to love and expect.

Professor Rachel Jafta, chair of the Cape Town Carnival Trust, said their drive stems from their belief “in the power of creativity”, which has spurred them into action by bringing carnival back. She encourages participants to relive their memories whilst creating new ones – in a safe environment.

The carnival is now a collection of five different hubs and five shows littered across the city of Cape Town. Visitors need merely decide the number of hubs to visit and when. Based in five known landmarks across the city, revellers will familiarise themselves with the Mountain of Memories at the Hatfield Street Hub, Cultural Roots at the National Gallery Hub, Tales of Camissa at the SA Museum Hub, Umswenko at the Heritage Square Hub and the Drum Era at the Green Market Hub.

The once free carnival will now attract a fee of 10 Rand – around 50 pence – per show. Carnival revellers will enjoy art showcases, a variety of food and drink from local eateries and outdoor dining areas as they move between the hubs. Each location will be sanitised after every show, and all attendees are expected to be wear masks at all times.

Cape Town Carnival is scheduled for next Saturday 19 March. Brad Baard, creative director of the carnival, emphasised that the ultimate goal of all stakeholders of the Cape Town Carnival is “that we come together, see each other, appreciate each other, and celebrate each other.”

Visit the carnival’s official website at capetowncarnival.com, and follow them on social media for updates.

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