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Saturday, September 25, 2021
Donald Trump. Image cnn.com

Alexander D Great mocks Donald Trump in calypso


UK-based calypsonian Alexander D Great has penned his own greeting to Donald Trump as the US President started a brief but controversial visit to Britain.

Within an hour or two of landing at Stansted Airport on 12 July, Trump had insulted his host and created a major political furore. Ranged against him in a ‘Carnival of Resistance’ was a colourful collection of protesters from women’s rights activists and anti-racism groups to trumpeters and opera singers.

It’s against this feverish background, that Alexander updated his cheeky I Want to be King. Originally written about George Bush, the new version satirises the Donald’s overweening ambition when his head is turned after visiting royalty. Because Trump famously “lacks erudition”, he just doesn’t get that you can’t simply declare yourself king.

For Bush that may have been true. With Donald Trump, though, anything ‑ however crass, offensive or absurd ‑ seems possible. The only doubt is whether ‘king’ is really enough for this “leader of a big country”. Emperor – that’s the way to go, Donald.

You can listen to Alexander’s calypso at www.youtube.com/watch?v=3osGyDzjGJM&t=3s