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Nickolai Salcedo, THE NARRATOR the SPIRIT OF CARNIVAL - Lavway

Are you ready to Lavway?


Feeling blue without T&T Carnival in 2021? Help is at hand – in your hand, in fact. Use it to grab your phone, tablet, MacBook or laptop and log on to CNC3, the Carnival Tribe Facebook page or YouTube Channel on Sunday 14 February at 11.30pm. It’s time for Lavway

Lavway is a film by Lost Tribe Carnival with @uel_tt plus TRIBE Carnival and in association with Carib Beer. The title comes from the traditional word for a rhythmic call-and-response chant used when marching, working or, at Carnival time especially, as a battle cry thrown out to rivals during stick fighting.

Valmiki Maharaj, creative head of the TRIBE Group and director of The Lost Tribe, explains that we see Lavway, our Story through the eyes of The Savannah, an ageing, shape-shifting character portrayed by Nickolai Salcedo. The Savannah witnesses eras of Carnival past and present, and provides a perspective on what lies ahead as the world changes around us.

The film features 90 minutes of dance, song and drama. Among the well-known performers involved are Destra Garcia, Preedy, Terri Lyons, Voice, Patrice Roberts and Freetown Collective, and members of the Caribbean School of Dancing.

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