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Thursday, May 13, 2021

BPSOCA Music Label plans to elevate Caribbean culture in UK music scene


The BPSOCA Music platform launched on Friday 20 August 2020, for users worldwide. It aims to elevate Caribbean music genres in England today to create a more inclusive and diverse culture within British music. Founder and owner of the label Gareth Sinnerine describes the current music in England to be dominated by a, “homogeneous collection of rock and pop hits that just don’t do anything for the Caribbean community”.

As a label, BPSOCA hopes to create a movement that showcases the important contributions of the British Afro-Caribbean community, by promoting genres including soca, dancehall and reggaeton. The label acknowledges that street carnivals, such as that in Notting Hill, create the moments where such genres are most appreciated. As such, they feel it is important for their artists to be able to release music in time for the popular carnivals worldwide, thus enabling increased exposure.

Since the launch of the label, it has been announced that they’re working hard to forge partnerships with producers, artists and songwriters for upcoming releases.