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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Brian Danclair takes Brixton dining upmarket


Fish, Wings and Tings has been firmly established on the Brixton landscape for nine years now. Owner Brian Danclair spoke to Soca News about his latest plans.

“Fish, Wings and Tings is a reflection of the way I grew up and the essence is a family-orientated restaurant with home-cooked meals,” Brian explains. “My new project is called Danclair’s. It is based on where I want to be and brings together my culinary journeys of cooking in Washington DC, cooking here and specialising in Provençal cuisine and other types of cuisine like Latin American and Caribbean. The plan is to fuse all of these together to create some small plate dishes with really good drinks ‑ a kind of fusion tapas!”

Brian Danclair’s new restaurant.

In terms of the vibe customers can expect at the new restaurant, which sits snugly inside Brixton Village, he says: “Fish, Wings and Tings is very relaxed, but Danclair’s will be a more upmarket type of restaurant, where I aim to let people know that I am more than just a Caribbean chef.”

Looking ahead, he says: “This is another stepping stone of my overall game plan, which will hopefully include the franchising of Fish, Wings and Tings.”

Danclair’s is due to open in Brixton by the end of July – for the exact date of the opening, check brixtonvillage.com.

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