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Friday, July 1, 2022
Cape Town Carnival

Cape Town Carnival postponed but creativity goes online


There will be no Cape Town Carnival this month. South Africa’s eagerly anticipated carnival, which had been scheduled for Saturday 20 March, has been postponed to summer 2021/22.

The decision was necessary because of the impact of Covid-19 restrictions. Speaking on the issue, the Cape Town Carnival chief executive Jay Douwes said: “We are so grateful for the support of our funding partners. They have enabled us to continue to implement creative community programmes and provide seasonal work for artists and artisans.”

Soca News understands that Cape Town Carnival will be hosting a live-event format in five access-controlled locations in the city. Organisers say they will work closely with funding partners and the City of Cape Town “to bring creativity and energy back to the streets of Cape Town in safe conditions”.

The seventh in a series of online carnival workshops will take place on 17 April. Entitled ‘Afrofuture Explosion of Creativity’, it will “contextualise African creativity and ingenuity as shaping the future we dream of right now”.

For more information visit Cape Town Carnival.

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