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Saturday, July 2, 2022
Ricky T

St Lucia Soca Monarch 2019 results, Ricky T retains crown Vye Twizeen is Groovy Monarch


St Lucia has a new Groovy Soca Monarch champion in the form of Vye Twizeen with his 2019 contribution Mix Up. However, the Power Soca Monarch crown stays firmly on Ricky T’s head as he wins for a second year with Mess.

Groovy Monarch results

  1. Vye Twizeen Mix Up (378 points)
  2. Ricky T Just A Friend (370 points)
  3. Shemmy J Pretty On Purpose (369 points)
  4. The Invader Cock Up (367 points)

Power Monarch results

  1. Ricky T Mess
  2. Ezra D’ Fun Machine (355 points)
  3. Mantius Fire Under My Feet (340 points)
  4. Pablo Keisha (339 points)


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