Claude Paul

Claude Paul talks calypso and carnival


The Carnival Music Management Committee (CMMC) in Saint Lucia is a new body appointed by the government, we spoke to its chairman Claude Paul (CP) about calypso and carnival 2022. Here is what he had to say.

AB What were some of the key points put into place when collaborating with Soca D Ultimate Tent with regard to putting Levé together?

CP CMMC is appointed by government to manage the subvention through which financial support is provided to the soca and calypso tents to offset the major costs associated with staging their various shows. In essence, the various artists are guaranteed performance fees, the musicians are also paid and security at the venue is assured for the safety of the patrons.


AB Many artists hit the stage on Friday night to debut their hits for the season. Based on what was displayed, what impact do you think the two-year Covid-19 hiatus may have had on artistes, both negatively and positively?

CP The opportunity to showcase their talent in a live setting, connecting with and gauging the reactions of a crowd is a huge step forward. Some of the compositions are outdated, but it’s an opportunity to review and refresh some of the songs which may have been composed during the hiatus.

AB Now that Saint Lucia is hosting carnival after the two-year break, what is the committee doing differently which hasn’t been done in previous years, ie in terms of preparations for the carnival season?

CP We were able to review the competition rules and judging criteria ahead of the season and circulate to the music fraternity well ahead of the competitive stages. We are better prepared and organised for the season. This year we are expecting to compensate the song-writers, particularly those who make it to the finals.


AB After hosting such a successful event and gearing up for Part 2, what are the committee’s expectations for Carnival 2022 in terms of music, artists and the entire season of events?

CP Improvement in quality of the music and the production aspects are some of the expectations as we go from year to year.

AB What can we look forward to from the CMMC for Carnival 2022?

CP An overall improvement in how things are managed, more engagement with tent leaders and hoping for the re-establishment of the Calypso Association or some other body to represent the interest of the artistes well ahead of next year.

Saint Lucia Carnival is scheduled to take place on Monday 18 and Tuesday 19 July 2022, for flights and packages contact Sackville Travel on 020 7274 2242.





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