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New mystery-adventure stories in Creole bring Guyana to life for our children


What if you could have something special to remind you of ‘back home’? How do you best teach your children what it was like growing up?

The answer is The Granny JJ Adventures: Guyana’s Daily Detective, a book written by Guyanese to show the best of Guyanese character and life.

In ‘The Granny JJ Adventures’ a fast old lady called Granny JJ investigates vexing mysteries set in the towns and villages near Georgetown. This bold, funny and smart old lady can’t be fooled – but will she solve?


The Mystery of the Missing Milk Powder?
The Case of the Stolen Syrup?
The Girl Who Cried Snake?

…and many more!

These delightful books (books one and two) are written in everyday Guyanese Creole but are being enjoyed by people all over the islands: Jamacia, Trinidad and others. Full of humour, Guyanese proverbs, beautiful sketches of Guyanese life and – if you are smart to pick it up – comments on things going on in Guyana right now.

These books are being enjoyed by Guyanese all over the world. President David Granger has read the book, the Guyanese High Commissioner gave a positive review and it is used in Black History month and at Guyana Festivals – see Glenda reading part of The Case of the Multi-Colour Drugga Ants at the Guyana Folk Festival 2019:


Here’s what one reader originally from Guyana said:

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading these stores which are full of childhood memories for me of life in Guyana. The end of each story left me eagerly anticipating the next one. The stories contain lots of everyday advice for children (and adults) and will make a good impact on them if made available through the school system in Guyana. Keep up the good work.”

Go to Amazon and buy today! These books are being considered by the Guyanese Government for entry into the school system as a Creole resource.




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