20.2 C
Saturday, July 2, 2022
TC (Terencia Coward-Thompson)

Crop Over Soca Monarch finalists announced


The National Botanical Gardens will be the venue on Sunday 28 July for the Crop Over Soca Monarch competition.

Two honours are up for grabs: Party Monarch, for the up-tempo on-the-road tunes, and Sweet Soca Monarch.

In addition to defending Party Monarch Mikey and Sweet Soca Monarch Lil Rick, the finalists are:

  • TC (Music)
  • Nathalee (Why We Live)
  • Skung Yung (So Happy)
  • Sanctuary (I Pledge)
  • Biggie Irie (Magic)
  • Faith (All Night)
  • JSlo (Alive)
  • Damian Marvay (Summer)
  • Leadpipe (Sometimes)
  • Betty B (Nah Holding Back)
  • Marzville (Owe Me)
  • Shaquille (Darlin’)
  • Jus D (So What)
  • AC (Ah Like It)

The reserve is Bobo (From de Heart).