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Dezral continues the legacy


Known to many as a comedian, musician, calypsonian and the son of The Mighty Pep and the beloved ‘Purple Crab’, Dezral Long has been involved in music and the performing arts for most of his life, andhas given fans hits like Well Ben Uh and Boom Aready.

Our Saint Lucia correspondent Annel Beausoleil had the pleasure of speaking with Mr Long.

AB: Tell us, who is Dezral Long?
DL: I am Dezral Long, 22 years old, born in Castries. I attended the Camille Henry Memorial School and then completed secondary and tertiary studies at Saint Mary’s College and Sir Arthur Lewis Community College and Sir Arthur Lewis Community College respectively. I currently teach at the Bocage Secondary School. I enjoy making comedic skits and music, and love the arts in general. I love making people laugh, and enjoying the company of close friends and family.

AB: To many you’re know as a very musically inclined comedian, but what or who inspired you to participate in this year’s calypso competition?
DL: For the past couple of years I’ve had an interest in joining the arena, I just did not know when. I am unsure where I received the inclination to join this year, but here we are. I knew I had strong support, so that was also a major factor in my decision.

AB: What are the titles of your songs, and what was the inspiration for them?
DL: My two calypsos are entitled Legacy (succession plan) and Calling all Saints. The theme of Legacy surrounds my entrance into the arena, following the footsteps of my father. Calling all Saints is centred around our destroyed hospital, St Jude Hospital.


AB: Tell us, what are preparations like for finals night?
DL: The preparations for finals have been a bit crazy considering I’m in the finals of two competitions. Thankfully, I have a hard working team. Albeit stressful, it’s been a wonderful experience.

AB: This is your first time competing on the national stage. What are some of your expectations for yourself and your performance on that night?
DL: I just expect to go out and give my all. That’s the best I can do.

AB: St. Lucia Carnival is about to kick off in less than a week. Is there anything else we can expect from Mr. Long for the season?
DL: I don’t think there’s much more to expect for the soca season. I can’t wait to get back to making videos! Hopefully I see some of you at parties and on the road. After the competitions, I think it’s time to party.

I hope we all have an amazing season.

Be sure to catch Dezral at the final of the National Power Soca Monarch competition on Friday 8 July and at the National Calypso competition on Saturday 9 July. Both events are to be held at The SAAB, Vigie Playing Fields, Castries, Saint Lucia.


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