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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Dominica marks 43 years of Independence


United in Purpose: Our Health, Our Heritage, Our Future is the theme for this year’s Dominica independence celebrations.

The first European contact with this Caribbean island took place on 3 November 1493 when Christopher Columbus sailed past during his second voyage to the New World. As it was a Sunday, he named the island Dominica, from the Latin for ‘day of the Lord’, dies Dominica.

In the early 18th century the island became a French colony, but under the Treaty of Paris, 1763 – an agreement that ended the Seven Years War   it was ceded to Britain. Over the next four decades control of Dominica changed a couple more times, and it wasn’t until 1805 that the French gave up their attempts to recapture the island.

It was 43 years ago on this day 3 November 1978 – exactly 485 years after receiving its name from Columbus – the Commonwealth of Dominica started out on its new path as an independent republic within the Commonwealth, with Patrick John becoming its prime Minister.

Independence Day celebrations will take place with:

Wednesday 3 November

National Day Observance Ceremony
1pm (GMT)

National Cultural Gala (virtual)
10pm (GMT)

Thursday 4 November

National Day of Community Service

Bonne fête de l’indépendance à tous les dominicains.


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