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Erphaan Alves

Erphaan Alves, Grateful Virtual Concert Review


Late last year, on 22 November to be precise, Erphaan Alves hosted his 3rd annual birthday charity event ‘Grateful’. The concert was delivered as a virtual experience, broadcast for audiences worldwide to watch on YouTube. He opened the concert with Pick a Side, an energetic rhythm to match his energetic character and performance. With a live band behind him, he was able to give us, his virtual audience, the feeling of watching a live performance.

Erphaan Alves wanted ‘Grateful’ to be more than a virtual concert ‑ an experience, in fact. He kept the audience engaged by taking them into personal aspects of his artistry with memories, stories and songs that defined his journey as a soca artist. It was especially valuable to see his parents and other early supporters speak about his passion for music. These interludes helped us understand why Erphaan is so grateful!

The man is truly an entertainer and showcased his musical gifts through strong vocals and performance, as well as showing his versatility by his delivery of different songs such as Overdue,which he performed on the piano. This was particularly impressive as it showed how soca music can be delivered in different ways musically, which no doubt can draw new audiences to the genre.

His evident enjoyment in dancing and singing around the space showed that Erphaan is full of life and energy, which is also reflected in the spirit of his music. The Grateful Virtual Experience not only celebrates life, but also music and love. And, as he stated in his closing song, he does not plan to stop but rather is determined to “push the soca global”.

Check out the video below, and tell us your thoughts in the comments.

Donations for charity through The Grateful Virtual Experience 2020 can be sent via Go Fund Me EA Grateful Fund.  

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