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Monday, July 4, 2022
Fiona Compton

Fable, Fantasy and Folklore


Fable, Fantasy and Folklore is a multi-disciplinary arts exhibition of film, photography, painting and poetry that explores Caribbean identity and history through well-known fairy tales. Stories that Caribbean people are familiar with from childhood ‑ Alice in Wonderland, Snow White, The Wizard of Oz and Rapunzel ‑ have been re-created to reflect Caribbean realities. The new versions imaginatively feature uncelebrated and unknown figures in the struggle for freedom in the Caribbean. You might just spot Haitian revolutionary Toussaint L’Ouverture in the story of the Wizard of Oz, or learn about unsung hero Gene Miles who took a courageous stand against corruption in Trinidad in the 1960s.

Fiona Compton ‑ the daughter of the late Sir John Compton ‑ is a St Lucian artist and photographer. Well known for her innovative photographic work since graduating in 2005 from the London College of Printing, she has made the UK her home. Though headed up by Compton, the extensive team hails from across the Caribbean region, and boasts photographers like James Adjudha from St Lucia, designers such as Robert Young and fellow Trinidadian musician-poet Muhammad Muwakil.

There will be a book launch of ‘Ras-punzel’, with its own Caribbean spin on the classic tale, along with the premiere of the short film Mmoummiri: The Igbo Little Mermaid. Come along to the evening dressed as your favourite character from folklore, fantasy or fable! If you can’t make the launch evening of 21 August at Upstairs at the Ritzy, the exhibition will continue straight through to 2 September.