Junkanew – A novel approach to sustainability in carnival


There is much talk about saving the environment, yet action is often lacking. Junkanew is a project that aims to bridge that gap in the arts through creativity, sharing and networking.

Junkanew is the brainchild of carnival consultant and Global Carnivalz CEO Pax Nindi, who broadcasts each week covering carnival events and Junkanoo.
Every week on Junkanew TV, Pax interviews a wide variety of carnival creatives and organisers. Past interviewees have included Mexican artists Laura Barbata and Francisco Carrasco (All Things Latin), Clary Salandy (Mahogany Carnival Design), Carl Gabriel (artist), Matthew Phillip (CEO Notting Hill Carnival Ltd) and Bahamian Junkanoo designer Dino (Bob de Builder).

Pax says, “I spend a lot of time researching the right content as well as the right artists to interview so we can inspire more people as encouragement to do the right thing for Mother Earth.”


“The project borrows its structure from various artistic and cultural practices that have been going on for generations, in particular Junkanoo traditions in the Bahamas, carnival traditions from around the world, and masquerade, music and dance from Africa,” Pax explained.

Started as a lockdown project, Junkanew’s arts challenge will take some of the ideas that emerge from the TV programme and roll them out to carnivals in the UK, Ghana and the Bahamas. Already there have been some positive outcomes: interaction between artists from Ghana and the Bahamas prompted plans for a visit by Bahamas Junkanoo to the Ghana masquerade groups next March.

Junkanew aims to benefit both artists and the environment. Two recent episodes were presented in a forest to remind viewers of the beauty of the jungle which we need to protect. Global Carnivalz board director Sherrel Davenport said: “We are very keen on the outdoor arts community to create and present their work in a way that respects the environment. We will be using Junkanew to set an example to others.” Artists who respect the environment and use sustainable materials are encouraged to participate in the weekly programmes.

Thanks to Arts Council funding and Global Carnivalz sponsorship, Junkanew will broadcast throughout the summer every Sunday afternoon on Facebook and YouTube. The project has strong support from, among others, Soca News, University of Ghana, Junkanoo Commandos, Nostalgia Steel Band, Kinetika Bloco, CAMF, Taru Arts and Hackney Carnival.

For more information visit: junkanew.uk. For a link to the live stream on Sundays at 4pm, visit facebook.com/paxnindi.




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