My Pageant Journey, Lee-Ann Goddard – Ms Trinidad & Tobago 2018


I can still hear those words clearly in my mind: “So, the winner of Ms Trinidad and Tobago UK National Queen 2018 is…”

The presenter paused for a few seconds – which seemed so, so much longer – building the anticipation as I nervously tried to control my breathing. Then, to my great excitement, the name ‘Lee-Ann Goddard’ was called. That moment is now framed forever in my memory.

Community members from Lee-Ann’s home town, Carolina Village, Couva, at the motorcade they arranged during her visit.

I can honestly say my life elevated that night, and it was the start of a wonderful journey. (I say ‘wonderful’, not ‘perfect’, simply because life itself is not perfect – but we can achieve great joy and satisfaction with the right mindset.) Throughout the year, as I attended each event, there were many opportunities for personal and professional development which equipped me to better execute my ambassadorial duties, both here in the UK and abroad in Trinidad & Tobago and Nigeria.


Winning the title also gave me the opportunity to complete a journey I had begun many years before at the Miss Teen Trinidad and Tobago pageant. At that time, myself and the other delegates met briefly with the then president, Mr George M Richards. 15 years later, I returned for my official visit as Ms Trinidad and Tobago UK and had the privilege to enjoy a private courtesy call with our first female president, Her Excellency Mrs Paula-Mae Weekes. During my reign I also met with several government officials and public figures, including The Hon. Cllr. Nadine Stewart-Phillips, the Mayor of Port of Spain Mr Joel Martinez, Mr Rudolph Walker, Sir Gary Sobers as well as many others.

Lee-Ann Goddard – Enjoying a luxury stay at Coco Reef, courtesy of the hotel management.

As with other pageants, the ethos is ‘beauty with a purpose’, which has always been part of my own motto. Therefore, as a Trinbagonian ambassador I adopted and raised funds for the pageant’s official charity, Kids in Need of Direction (KIND), in Trinidad, and supported other fundraising initiatives like the Wear Sumting Red Charity Concert in London for victims of the devastating Trinidad floods.

I also expanded my personal brand, Klassi Bodyz, a motivational lifestyle brand, and introduced Klassi Brunch for ladies. Our gatherings provide a friendly and safe atmosphere where we all feel comfortable to socialise, discuss, share, motivate and support each other on a regular basis, where no topic is off limits. I am extremely proud of these achievements, and will continue to work on more uplifting projects in the future.


Finally, I would like to extend a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to the pageant’s committee and Carivog International for giving me this wonderful opportunity to be an official ambassador for our country. I am grateful for all the positive lessons learnt and the wonderful experiences. This amazing platform is aided by the use of social media, such as Facebook and Instagram, which I used to actively promote the pageant and our beautiful Trinidad and Tobago to the world. I am also blessed with close friends and family, especially my parents for their continuous love and support through every stage of my life.

Now, I can finally say my pageant journey has come to a successful end, and I am truly excited to hand over the crown in 2020 to another deserving young lady as she creates her own beautiful memories.

Once an ambassador, always an ambassador.




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