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Hackney Carnival 2019 results


Here are the results of Hackney Carnival 2019 which was held on Sunday 8 September.

Best Newcomers
Morningside School

Traditional Masquerade
Yaram Arts

Best Mass Participation
Soca Massive

Best Movement (choreography)
Dimensions Entertainment

Best Movement Runners Up
Taru Arts

Best Theme Interpretation
Tropical Isles
Para Carnival

Best Theme Runners Up
Jamboulay Carnival Arts

Best Music On The Road
Gahu Dramatic Arts

Best Music Runners Up
Urban Touch

Best Band On The Road
Jun Mo Generation

Judges’ Choice
Heritage Social Club

Carnival Band Of The Year1st Prize
Tropical Isles

Carnival Band Of The Year 2nd Prize
GAHU Dramatic Arts

Highly Commended Visiting Group
Paraiso School Of Samba