International Soca Monarch 2019 semi-finalists announced


Here are you Groovy and Power soca monarch semi-finalists, who will compete on Sunday 10 February at the Arima Velodrome, Arima, Trinidad.

Fifteen will be chosen from the semi-finals to compete in the finals on Fantastic Friday, Friday 1 March 2019.

Groovy semi-finalists

  1. Blaxx Gyal Owner
  2. Swappi Party Start
  3. 5 Star Akil Personal
  4. GMB Nutron Practice
  5. Preedy Lost And Found
  6. Chromatics My Type
  7. Teddyson John Vent
  8. Ricardo Drue I Got You
  9. Mandella Linkz Tombstone
  10. V’GHN Trouble In The Morning
  11. Nessa Preppy Issa Snack
  12. Lil Saint Doh Back Back
  13. Tim Tim and Rayzor X Pose
  14. Motto One Woman
  15. Yankey Boy Doh Hold Back
  16. Third Base Harder
  17. Chucky Gordon Portigal
  18. Marzville Wuk
  19. Salty Body Good
  20. Ding Dong Greatness
  21. M1 Shy
  22. Turner Crab In A Bucket
  23. Asten Issac Send Over Gyal

Power semi-finalists

  1. Lil Natty and Thunder Get In Your Section
  2. Granny Jiggle It
  3. Jo Jo Start It
  4. Jadel Jam Day
  5. Iwer Blessings
  6. Pelf Earthquake
  7. Motto Pick Your Position
  8. Terri Lyons Mad
  9. Blaxx Wuh Yuh Telling Yuhself
  10. Blacksani Dumpa Truck
  11. Mr Killa Run With It
  12. Mr Legz Wining Challenge
  13. Ching-ee Rolling Stone
  14. Wilky Jam A Bumpa
  15. Hashim Momentum
  16. KMC Block Party