Island Tribe Carnival Band….. Coming to take ‘Revenge’


Island Tribe Carnival band is looking to take over the streets of Saint Lucia come Carnival Monday and Tuesday. The band came into existence in 2019, and they made sure that their name would be remembered. They were looking to create an even greater wave in the following year, but instead were faced with the wrath of Covid-19. This year, Island Tribe is hoping to make their mark on the hearts of revellers.

Saint Lucia correspondent Annel Beausoleil had the pleasure of speaking to Pauline Francis, PRO of the Island Tribe Carnival Band.

Tell us about the Island Tribe Carnival Band.
Our team is made up of entertainment industry stalwarts who shared the common vision of bringing a different road experience to Saint Lucia Carnival. We like to describe ourselves as the “people’s band”, as two of our primary focuses are inclusivity and affordability for revellers. Our aim is to create a spectacle in entertainment and, of course, mind boggling fun!


Tell us about the theme for this year’s portrayal, and the inspiration behind it?
We’ve tried to keep a lot of the unique elements of our pre-pandemic portrayal. In 2020, at an evening soirée, we launched our theme for the season, ‘Revenge’. Although a new band, we wanted to come out with a bang and conquer the carnival scene in Saint Lucia with the best ultra-inclusive road party experience. Due to COIVD we were not able to execute this, however this year we’ve returned with the same objective of conquering. Hence, our theme for Saint Lucia Carnival is Revenge 2.0. We’re back, and even better.

After sitting out Carnival for two years due to COVID, what were some of the challenges  you were faced with in getting the band road-ready for 2022?
Missing Carnival for two years was a challenge in itself! Besides the gruelling tabanca, the uncertainties brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic proved to be one of our biggest challenges. We have had to revisit our road management plans several times to ensure we are in accordance with the ever changing COVID-19 protocols here on-island. In some instances, we had to scale down the number of masqueraders we could accommodate, to ensure that everyone received a personalised, exciting but safe road experience.

With Carnival being less than a week away, what is Island Tribe doing to build the hype amongst their revellers?
Every Sunday afternoon we host a beach party called ‘Bakkanal Beach’ at one of Saint Lucia’s most well-known and beautiful beaches. It’s the perfect mix of pulsating music, delectable eats, drinks and just pure vibes. The event has gotten better and better every week. Our revellers love it!

What more can we expect from Island Tribe on the road this year, and in years to come?
An unimaginable experience! We have a range of amenities to ensure you’re comfortable and have the best time on the road with us. Our revellers can expect an ultra-premium bar, several food stations, comfort stations, a wet zone to help you cool down and the best in entertainment, which includes an extensive DJ line-up and live bands. We have a lot in the pipeline for the coming years; not only for Saint Lucia Carnival but to revolutionise the entertainment landscape in Saint Lucia. We are so excited to continue to create the most outstanding and extraordinary experiences, globally.


Saint Lucia Carnival is scheduled for Monday 18 and Tuesday 19 July, 2022.




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