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Tuesday, July 5, 2022
Kees Dieffenthaller

Kes The Band IzWE featuring Etienne Charles and the Laventille Rhythm Section


IzWE is the latest 2021 soca release from Kes the Band and features fellow Trinidad musician  Etienne Charles and Laventille Rhythm Section. IzWe is also the title of the five-night themed event Kes is hosting from Tuesday 9 to Saturday 13 February 2021 at Soundforge, Port-of-Spain.


IzWE premiered at 6pm GMT on YouTube. The video shows a male lighting a flambeau and then placing it on the ground. The camera remains on the burning flambeau, which is all you see throughout the four minutes of the video, concentrating the viewer’s attention on the music. Slowly the drums begin then a trumpet and horn sound in the background, the sound of the drums get louder and faster until we are presented with the full Rhythm Section and then we hear the vocals of Kes.

The above is our view, but tell us what you think after you’ve checked out the video below.