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Saturday, July 2, 2022

Life Between Islands: celebrating Caribbean-British art


Curated by writer and photographer David A Bailey and Tate Britain director Alex Farquharson, Life Between Islands is a triumphant new exhibition at the Tate Britain on Millbank.

The exhibition pays homage to Caribbean life and artists from the 1950s to the present – and it even takes a look into the future too. The catalogue describes it as “a social and cultural history that’s more often told through literature or popular music. It is a multi-generational story of a Caribbean community that settled in Britain and forged a new Black British identity and culture.”

Nearly 50 artists from all disciplines are included in the show. Among them are Paul Dash, Isaac Julien, Hurvin Anderson, Chris Ofili, Steve McQueen, Peter Doig and Alberta Whittle.


The curators have chosen pensive and melancholic pieces as well as breath-taking fine art that not only eschews the dark past of our Caribbean heritage but also puts our beautiful landscape and culture centre stage.

The space is constructed to allow you to travel along the timeline of the past and present, through vibrant pieces, exquisite sculptures and interactive installations. Audio and visual elements tie the entire exhibition together.

Life Between Islands is an effective showcase for the talent and skill of a new generation of artists, writers, sculptors and fashion designers of Caribbean heritage. The exhibition speaks to a reimagined future of full expression and opportunity for the islands. A must visit.


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