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Wednesday, May 25, 2022
Lyrikal & Skinny Fabulous

Lyrikal and Skinny are ready for a Showdown


Trinidad soca artist Lyrikal will battle Vincy soca artist Skinny Fabulous in the second session of Showdown. The show is a concept by Perception Management in partnership with Ace Signature Events will stream tonight, Wednesday 10 March from 8pm (midnight GMT).

Showdown was first held in October 2020 and featured Patrice Roberts and Alison Hinds who battled it out for over 10 rounds of music, whilst entertaining fans.

Tonight’s edition of Showdown is less structured than before and will allow the artists to determine the flow, as they perform face-to-face.

Showdown will be streamed live on Digicel’s Facebook page, and YouTube channel from 8pm (midnight GMT) tonight.

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