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Saturday, July 2, 2022
Lincoln Rahamut

Mas stalwart Lincoln Rahamut has died


Lincoln Rahamut, founder and former artistic director of Masquerade 2000, who was born on 28 June 1946 passed away on Sunday 31 May 2020, he was 73.

Lincoln helped Masquerade 2000 win several titles throughout the years with an instantly recognisable style of mas. Seeing Masquerade 2000 in all its flamboyance coming down the road was one of the highlights of Notting Hill that mas-lovers came to appreciate each year.

In a statement, mas bands association CAMF ‑ Carnival Arts Masquerade Foundation – said:

Lincoln and his co-designer David Brown brought a new standard of carnival to London, making Masquerade 2000 the benchmark for all UK carnival groups. In 2012, Lincoln Rahamut mentored and passed his legacy on to six designers who continue the great work of Masquerade 2000.

Noting his “unrivalled skills in wire bending, carnival arts and crafts”, CAMF went on to say:

Lincoln had a solid reputation as great artisan and a highly valued member [of] the carnival community. Lincoln always rooted for his community and dedicated hours to speaking to and training carnival designers… He was always smiling and certainly one of the most humble humans being ever.

Soca News sends its condolences to the family and friends of Lincoln Rahamut; we have lost a great one.