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Monday, July 4, 2022

Mongstar from Dancehall to Soca


Many in Saint Lucia will know him for his dancehall and his freestyling abilities, but Marley Mervin James, better known as Mongstar, has been heating up the soca scene in Saint Lucia for the last six years. It should be no surprise that he has been able to achieve this success in such a short space of time, as he comes from a musical family and has music running through his veins.

The 2016 season was a resounding success for Mongstar, when his tune Bacchanal Life, with Fireball from Trinidad, was well received; 2017 is starting off with the same amount of excitement and fervour. On 25 February, Mongstar will be performing in London at the Stratford Town Hall in celebration of Saint Lucia’s 38th year of independence, and plans to take that opportunity to share with the world his latest hit, Baby-Oh.

Amongst the artist’s greatest accomplishments are his win in 2010 Piton Soca Starz, becoming the 2013 All 4 One Caribbean Winner and the 2015 Soca Switch Champion. He is excited about hitting the stage in 2017, and writing more music with a fusion of groovy music mixed with a dancehall rhythm, and he’s looking forward to hitting Trinidad and Tobago Carnival and taking his music to other parts of the Caribbean.

Since being in this business, Mongstar has learnt that the key to his success is to remain humble, to never hold a grudge, and not to forget his roots. These beliefs keep him grounded and focussed on his music and his career.

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