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My Trinishop is two years old


My Trini Shop was born of a passion to create the most authentic Trinidadian cuisine in the UK. The online outlet claims to have the largest selection of
Trinidadian herbs, spices, condiments, snacks and drinks ready for delivery straight to your front door.

Soca News asked co-owners Sharon and Riyadh Khan about their favourite memories since they launched the business on 1 August 2020.

“One of them is when our in-house team has the opportunity to meet our lovely customers in person. Also, introducing our non-Trini staff members to the products that we know and love. Above all, it’s the joy we get when chatting for ages on the phone to our customers – that amazing feeling of community is one that you usually only feel when growing up in Trinidad!”

So how do they envisage the future? “We hope to continue to grow our product range in line with what our customers would like to have available to them. We look forward to building even more relationships with the manufacturers back in Trinidad, supporting locals every step of the way. We will continue to strive to provide the best possible customer service, as keeping our customers happy continues to be our priority.”

To check out their huge range, visit the online shop at www.mytrinishop.com, and to place an order email enquiries@mytrinishop.com.


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