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Saturday, March 25, 2023
Nadia Batson at Soca For Her 2023. Photograph: Soca News

Nadia Batson all for Caribbean Unity


Batson’s collaboration with Jamaican singer, Romaine Virgo has been receiving rave reviews throughout the Diaspora and has been described as the perfect soca love song. However, some soca purists have been up-in-arms about the amount of Jamaican collaborations in play and on the airwaves this season, whose number also include Farmer Nappy and Chris Martin’s Gyal Like Rain and Kes and Shaggy’s Mood.

Singer, songwriter and performer Nadia Batson is advocating for Caribbean unity via the music and entertainment industry; as far as Batson is concerned, these collabs represent bridges between our nations and cultures that are long overdue. “I’ve always welcomed the idea of merging our music and introducing each other to different styles,” Batson told The Trinidad Express. “Caribbean music is ultimately here to bring joy and provide a space where people can express themselves freely. Trinidad & Tobago has always supported music and artistes from Jamaica and in turn, Jamaican artistes would show love to the artistes of T&T. We are ONE CARIBBEAN.”

Batson denied rumours that there is disparity and conflict between Trinbagonian and Jamaican acts and pointed to her latest collaboration as a sign of good relations between the two countries. She said, “I think there was a huge misconception in the past that Jamaicans don’t love and appreciate soca music, so I feel really happy about the fact that these barriers are being torn down. Reggae artiste Romain Virgo will make a special guest appearance at my concert, Artform, and of course we are excited to have him here and my fans are looking forward to seeing us perform our hit collaboration Nothing Better. He is such a joy to work with and he shows the ultimate respect, not only to me as an artiste, but to soca music as well.”


This, even as the Nothing Better singer prepares for her official Carnival concert tonight, 9 February, at the Five Islands water park in Chaguaramas. Batson’s Artform concert will feature her band, Sass, as well as guest appearances from: Voice, Lyrikal, Olatunji, Viking Ding Dong, Mical Teja, Wussways, Shal Marshall, Skinny Fabulous, Terri Lyons, V’ghn, Farmer Nappy, Hey Choppi, Adam O, the aforementioned Romain Virgo and more.

Event producer and promoter, Jules Sobion of Caesar’s Army, added that Batson’s talent defies geography, and assured detractors that Jamaican and Trinibagonian relations are at an all-time high, largely due to the younger generation of artists communicating and collaborating more organically with each other.

“For decades the experts have been saying that we stand a better chance of making a big mark in the world markets if we present a united front as a region. Whilst it appears that the leaders are not taking heed of this, the next generation of artistes and entertainers have certainly identified with this idea and have taken the steps to communicate, interact and collaborate with others from up the islands. Nadia is a unique talent with a voice like honey and a pen that I dare say can rival the best songwriters in the world. I am honoured to be a part of her story, and to be able to support her on her journey to the top.”

Batson’s Artform concert takes place on 9 February, from 6pm to midnight. Follow her on social media for more info.




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