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Tuesday, July 5, 2022
Blue Light Gin

New Gin from Grenada


Blue Light Distillery launched its Blue Light Caribbean Gin on 1 June, to celebrate World Oceans Day. The event was streamed live across social media channels from a ship in Caribbean waters.

Le Phare Bleu beachfront resort in Grenada is the picturesque home to Blue Light’s world headquarters, established in 2018; a 500 square foot distillery. Here you’ll also find a floating bar in the form of a 120 year old blue lightship, which serves as the fitting inspiration for the Blue Light Caribbean brand.

Blue Light now produces two gins. The Original Edition Gin is 100% natural, made with no artificial colours or flavours, so you know it’s clean. With hints of Caribbean spices such as nutmeg, cacao, cardamom and more, this gin captures the tropics perfectly. The Blue Ocean Edition Gin is naturally dyed with a locally grown flower, and changes colour to a pinkish hue when mixed with any kind of acidic liquid – such as tonic or citrus. Made with the ocean in mind, this gin references various ocean themed projects including artificial reefs, beach clean-ups and ocean education and
awareness campaigns.

The team behind the gin are co founders Aaron Salyer, Jim Jardine and the brand’s Sales & Party Specialist, Gold Edwards. Edwards said, “We make our incredibly smooth gin only a few steps away from the white sand beach. Does that influence the taste? Yes. Of course. That Caribbean dream everyone is talking about… we bottled it”.

For more on Blue Light Gin visit, bluelightgin.com, Instagram @bluelightcaribbeangin, Facebook @bluelightdistillery.