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No System Failure for Dominican soca artist Starsha


There is a young lady doing her thing on the Dominican soca scene and her name is Starsha. I came across her soca music video and thought it would only be right if we found out some more about her. Here’s her story.

Tell us, who is Starsha and where did the name originate?
I’m a Dominican songstress who goes by the stage name Starsha. My birth name is Marsha Laurent. I’ve been delighted to be regarded as the soca/bouyon princess back home. The name Starsha derived from my nickname Star. This is what everyone called me when my talents were being recognised. Family and friends became familiar with it and I saw myself as nothing else than the Star that I am, so I decided to keep it.

Which part of Dominica do you hail from, and where do you live now?
I hail from the small fishing village of Layou, in the west of my homeland. It is quite small, but this is where I dreamed, grew up and birthed my talents. I currently reside in the neighbouring community of St Joseph.


How long have you been involved in soca/music now?
I’ve been involved in music since 2017, when I released my first soca single I Doh Fraid, followed by Firewood, produced by one of our very own producers, Dada Krishna Lawrence, owner of Cotton Groove Studio. This was one of my proudest moments.

Did you always want to be a soca artist, as the business can be hard and sometimes a struggle?
I love soca music, I do have a soft spot for the genre, but I have always wanted to explore different genres and not limit myself to just one because of my versatility, and I have been recognised for it. Here in Dominica our very own bouyon is one of our favourite genres of music, but it is bouyon music and soca for me.

Who are your musical influences?
My music influences have basically been everything I’ve heard, people I’ve listened to. From my dad, who was part of a singing group at a young age, to my brothers. I’ve always been into the type of music that they had been into. Let’s just say it started with family.

What’s the soca scene like in Dominica?
The soca scene in Dominica is doing pretty well. Our people embrace soca music; in other words, soca as a genre is widely accepted in my country. It’s the vibes and energy that the genre brings. A lot of musicians and artists right now are gravitating to having soca as a second style of music that they have adopted. The appreciation and love for the genre is there .


With no Dominica Carnival this year, do you believe it’s still important for you to release music?
Of course it is still important to release music. We have all seen how impactful music is and it has continued be, even as we go through this pandemic. We are using our platforms, our available resources to keep our fans entertained and it has been a new change, a new experience for even many of us musicians. Finding a way to make it all work to keep our fans and even ourselves happy.


We have seen your video for System Failure, what is the story behind the video?
System Failure
is my newest single, written by radio sensation and a wonderful writer Jair Pendenque on the Dwivayéz Riddim. We met on embarking on the entire project and from there it was magic.

Technically this song embodies women ‑ Caribbean women, women overall, strong women ‑ and we’re often known for that good waistline and the vibes we bring to the table, to the dance floor. In my music video, the team and I brought this to life… in a rather enticing way, where I take up this tempting personality sending this man into cardiac arrest. So the question is, does he have what it takes? Women tend to rate men in such situations!

Have you released music previously and is there more to come?
Yes, I have released music previously ‑ Real Good Whine, You Make Me and All Your Love featuring Shelly Sheldon Alfred to name a few. There will definitely be much more to come.

Have you been able to make any plans for 2021 with regards to your career?
2021 has started off pretty well for me. On 25 January I released the official music video for my single System Failure, written by singer and songwriter Jair Pendenque, produced by producer Dlo of GloSho Multimedia and Savion Augustine of Savion Beats. The entire project was also shot and edited by GloSho Multimedia.

What’s next for Starsha?
I’m excited to be working on more musical content. Currently, as we cope with this pandemic, I’ve put plans in place as I look to use my platform to entertain my fans and keep them on their toes. I feel very determined that this will be a year of new opportunities and change for me.

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions. Is there anything else you would like to say to any up-and-coming artists?
What I’d like to say to up-and-coming artists is that it doesn’t always start easy but when you put in the work, the opportunities and blessings follow. Work on your craft, network, be unique, believe in yourself, be professionally relentless and when you do make it, don’t forget to give back. Nothing but blessings! To my fans, my family and friends, thank you for your continued support and for believing in me and my potential.

Finally, how can fans connect with you on social media?
Follow me on:




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