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Wednesday, May 25, 2022
Farrah Grant, Miss Caribbean UK 2020

Notting Hill Carnival 2020 ‘Vox Pop’: Farrah


With Notting Hill Carnival 2020 taken off the road, what are your plans for the Bank Holiday weekend? And what will you miss the most?

The cancellation of Notting Hill Carnival was a sad one for me, as it’s a time where I get to fully embrace my Caribbean culture and be surrounded by people who are not only embracing their culture but people who enjoy the Caribbean culture, music, dance and pretty costumes.

Notting Hill Carnival is a time where everyone is in unison, it’s like all the problems in the world are gone for that weekend as we fete and party, and it’s honestly a lovely aura/energy to be around. I think that will be what I miss the most about Notting Hill Carnival this year.

Whilst the big carnival isn’t happening, I will definitely be having my own carnival in my garden with my family over the Bank Holiday weekend; Carnival must go on!

Farrah Grant
Miss Caribbean UK Finalist