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Before we talk about Omnia, I have to ask the question I think has many people wondering: what happened to Euphoria?
EUPHORIA ceased operating in March 2019. Although we all loved and enjoyed our time, we felt it was time to move on.

What’s the meaning behind ‘Omnia’?
Omnia is Latin for ‘all’. This band is inclusive, and aims to provide a home for all individuals. When we sat down, one thing was clear – we wanted to create a band that everyone could call home. We saw the word and its meaning and it just clicked for us.

In a crowded mas band market, what does Omnia hope to add to Notting Hill Carnival 2019?
We want to give our patrons a home for the two days on the road with Service and Quality being key to everything that we do and offer. Our product will be premium but also affordable, offering a range of prices to fit most budgets. We also know that our patrons want to party all day to the best music, so we are proud to say we only have the BEST international soca DJs with us. Security was also high on the list of things that masqueraders see as important, and as such we’ll be using two separate companies to ensure the safest environment. I guess you can simply say that we are endeavouring to offer the best of the best.


Are your costumes aimed at any particular demographic? 
We focused on price and style, and are proud that we are able to offer options for all body types and price ranges.

Who is / are Omnia’s costume designer(s)?
Marie Collette, who is well known and whose work we love. We also wanted to support local (UK designers) and upcoming talent; for this we turned to the fabulously talented Lana Sophia. We also have a “secret designer” who works with some of the biggest names worldwide but would like to remain anonymous.

Who are Omnia’s key players? 
We have an amazing team – these guys are so passionate it would make anyone’s head spin. We also have support from some great people, entertainers, DJs and friends; if we were to list names we would need a lot more space! On paper, the band is managed by Daron, Mateen and Aaron, but they are just very small parts of this stunning thing we call OMNIA.

What is the average price of an Omnia costume package?
We have costumes starting from £140 up to £480.


How many masqueraders are you expecting in the band on each of Carnival Sunday and Monday this year?
Awww we got to keep some secrets to ourselves, but we do expect it to be big enough to be able to lose yourself in the moment but small enough that you can be called part of the OMNIA family.

You guys have Scorch attached to the brand. Does being attached to Trinidad brands make a difference when it comes to promoting mas at Notting Hill Carnival mas?
Being attached to our friends at Busspepper, Scorch, LIL and others helps in many ways, not because they are or are not from Trinidad and Tobago, but because we can use their experiences to find solutions and create an exceptional product – we do not have all the answers and never will, but with the help of our friends in Trinidad and the UK our product will be outstanding.

Finally, what would you say to anyone thinking of coming to play mas with Omnia?
If this is your first time coming to Notting Hill, then do it! Get in a band, any band with your friends and just embrace it – the people make the experience. Of course, we also suggest that you go to a few events over the season as well.

If you are a seasoned carnivalist, you already know to get in a band with your friends. OMNIA will be the place to be! We’ll bring that family vibe, we have the best DJs, the tightest security, great facilities and will deliver outstanding service and value for money.

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