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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Party Monarch and Sweet Soca Finals scheduled for Sunday at Bushy Park


The finals of the Party Monarch and Sweet Soca competition will take place this coming Sunday 30 July at Bushy Park in Barbados. The event is set to kick off at 3pm with the Party Monarch category first then followed, by the Sweet Soca category.

Here are the finalists and their performance order:

Party Monarch Finalists

1. Lil Rick (Defending Monarch) TBA

2. Mikey Feting & Brass

3. Faith Run It

4. Ras Iley & Grynner D 2 Ah We

5. Mr. Blood Leggo

6. Rameses Browne Fowl Cock

7. Mistah Dale De Ting Start

8. Peter Ram Upside Down

9. Saffiyah Tun Up

Reserve – Kirk Browne Shake

Sweet Soca Finalists

1. TC Paradise

2. Shaquille Collateral

3. Edwin Yearwood (Defending Monarch) TBA

4. Nikita Carry Festival

5. Marzville Give It To Ya

6. Lil Rick Blessing

7. Sanctuary Pick Me Up

8. Red Plastic Bag Boat Ride

9. Marvay Antidote

Reserve – Fadda Fox Good Ole Days