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Friday, August 19, 2022
Red Dress by Boscoe Holder

Père et Fils; featuring Boscoe Holder


Campbells of London is currently hosting an exhibition entitled ‘Père et Fils’, created to showcase some of Boscoe Holder’s final unseen pieces, and Christian Holder’s most recent, heartfelt work.

Boscoe Holder was Trinidad and Tobago’s leading contemporary painter, with a concurrent celebrated international career as a designer, dancer, choreographer and musician. This joint exhibition by Boscoe and his son allows the opportunity to delve into the minds of both. Some of Boscoe’s final, unseen works feature, including a selection of unique drawings never exhibited during the artist’s lifetime. His artistic style beautifully captures the physical appearance of his subject, whilst simultaneously telling the story of their character. Boscoe’s drawings, created whenever inspiration came, not only capture the moment but also give us insight into his vision.

My Father’s House by Christian Holder

A wide selection of Christian’s latest works, which comprise memorable scenes from his time in Trinidad, are also on display. His use of colour and ability to play with light create scenes full of intensity and drama. Father and son collaborated both musically and artistically over the years, and showcasing this work provides the chance to explore the creativity and style of the talented duo.

Christian said, “So often, on visits to Trinidad, dad would say, ‘Christian! Let’s go paint!’ and off we’d go; sometimes only as far as his verdant garden. Then there were also excursions to Maracas and Blanchisseuse. Wonderful memories! My Trinidad paintings began mostly as sketches and acrylic renderings on paper, when Dad was alive. Their canvas manifestation began after my relocation to London eleven years ago.”

The artwork may be viewed on our Campbell’s of London website, www.campbellsoflondon.co.uk, or sent directly to you upon request. The exclusivity of this exhibition means that many pieces are already reserved; it would be advisable to act quickly if you would like the opportunity to purchase the work of one of the Caribbean’s best known artists.

Contact Campbell’s of London on +44 20 7584 9268 or at info@campbellsoflondon.co.uk.