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Monday, September 26, 2022

Port Royal tastes success with ready meal range


You probably know them for their patties, but are you aware of their ready meal range?

With the strapline, ‘Let Port Royal Cookin’ meals transport your taste buds to the Caribbean!’, Port Royal’s Cookin’ ready meal range was launched last year in Asda and will soon be available in Tesco.

Their authentic Jamaican meals include jerk chicken thighs, stew peas and beef, curry mutton, and rice & peas sold separately). With dishes priced at around £5 (and £2.50 for the rice & peas), marketing director Aaron Johnston said: “The response has been tremendous so far.”

Based on recipes regularly cooked by their mum and aunts, they’ve used their Jamaican spice knowhow to combine aromatic herbs and spices to create delicious dishes.

Why not try them out and give us your opinion. For full details see, Port Royal Patties.


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